Sunday, November 28, 2010

AKM101 Reflection 5

9 November 2010

Performance Assessment

The task given to us was "Estimate the height of the column".

Our group went out and explored many ways. We also used different manipulatives to try solve the problem.

Our group came up with the following ways :

1) Benchmarking
2) Dropping down the measuring tape literally (direct measurement)
3) Using the set-square
4) Measuring the shadow of the column
5) Estimation using the wall tiles
6) Vertical steps up the stairs

Personally, I used the 'benchmarking' method. My guess was 7m. Well, I was close!  :-)
However, I think the #6 method was the most accurate method. (vertical steps up the stairs)

Assessment -
1) Alternative Assessment
2) Performance Assessment
3) Holistic Assessment

I also learnt more about 'Performance Task' and 'Designing Rubrics'.

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