Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AKM101 Reflection 2

After our first lesson on 7 Sept, Jihan, Jeanette, Vincent, Swarna and I had a group discussion on 9 Sept. On that day, we met and each of us were allocated a period of 2 to 3 years to research on. I was to find out more about the Educational Initiatives 1997 to 1999.
Our group met up again yesterday (14 Sept). Using the 'Expert Group', 'Round Robin' and 'Jigsaw' from CL, we managed to piece up all the information we need for the Educational Initiatives 1997 to 2010. From the big picture, we then zoomed into 5 major initiatives to work on. (Since there are 5 of us, each of us will take one and look into the details. We will meet again next week to share our findings.)

It was a very fruitful meeting as we now have a clearer picture of the MOE Initiatives. We also have to bear in mind how these initiatives will impact the teaching and learning of Math.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AKM101 Lesson 1's Reflection

It was an exciting evening...returning to NIE after so many years! Today is my first lesson. Dr Yeap and Dr Ng were with us. We looked into the current initiatives in Mathematics Education.

Dr Yeap talked about the TSLN (Thinking School Learning Nation) initiative. He then gave us tangrams to play with. We made squares using 3 pieces, 4, etc all the way till using all 7 pieces to form a huge square. (lesson on area) The activities were non-threatening. We linked them to differentiated learning (enrichment & remediation) too. We discussed and shared information. We also revisited the Curriculum Framework. We looked into the different aspects of learning. The class also talked about "Why are we teaching Mathematics?" The rationale being : Intellectual Competence, everyday use and the affective aspects.

I look forward to meeting my friends in my group on Thursday afternoon again to discuss on the Group Assignment Dr Yeap has just given us.   :-)